for Starship Foundation Company

Developed Sources of Funding and Investment for the Building of Torus-Beamship for Imminent )and permanent( separation from Earth-Based Economy

Researched Physical Laws of Interplanetary/Intergalactic HIghway
Measured Constraints, Requirements, Specifications of Materials of Starship Which Endures the Warping of Space-Time
-Studied/Corresponded/Engaged Scientists/Engineers/Physicists of Ludwig Maximilian, Max Plank Labratory, Florida St. University, and Peter Engels of University of Washington in order to confirm validity of Boltzmann Inflation Drive

Expos-Reds 2002 Dernière présence de Vladimir Guerrero 152,108 views 906 74 SHARE SAVE

Published on Dec 6, 2012

Le 29 septembre 2002, le voltigeur vedette des Expos Vladimir Guerrero est à un circuit d’atteindre le plateau des 40-40 (40 circuits, 40 buts volés). Voici sa dernière présence au bâton de l’année dans un match contre les Reds de Cincinnati au Stade Olympique et où l’arbitre du premier but va faire preuve d’un manque de jugement dans les circonstances.

Garret Reisman

“Stimulus of the axial loading of the bone gives a signal to your mind to give regenerative treatment to osteogenesis hormones

High Load, low rep stimulus >>>RESISTIVE EXERCISING, 100% BONE DENSITY mainline, no diminishment since change in work program


HIGH IMPACT: (tread – mill runnin’) comes next in priority for achieving appropriate and/ or necessary levels of stimulation of the bone